Eyes Of The Sun


Jeff Blanchard- Vocals & Bass

Miguel De Jesus Jr.- Guitar

Chris O'Neil- Drums

About Eyes Of The Sun

Eyes Of The Sun was conceived in early 2007 by bassist/vocalist Jeff Blanchard, the former frontman for the late project Redshift Desert. Long time friends Miguel De Jesus Jr. (guitarist and founding member of Ashes Within) joined the ranks with Jeff a few months later. Chris O'Neil (formerly of Demilitia) was recruited as the new drummer in 2011. Chris was the first and only potential drummer we thought of. The music of Eyes Of The Sun itself is intended to create a range of emotions for the listener that we ourselves experience and extract from. To draw from the memories of one's life.

“It is known throughout the laws of science and nature that the sun creates and sustains life…now it bears witness to the atrocities, depletion and vile consumption manifested by mankind which it originally gave life to. Hence, we portray what is seen through the Eyes Of The Sun.”

Label: MetalBlade/Blacklight Media

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